Full website/new portfolio coming very soon.  In the meantime:

Benjamin Nelson is an American artist currently living and working in Halle, Germany. Rooted in sound, but working across multiple disciplines, Nelson’s work is generally focused on exploring the potential of reduced or minimal material through a process oriented practice. The resulting works can range from large sheets of continuous sound or low fidelity reductionism to watercolour paintings, concerts, or installations, all of which are oriented towards exploring and portraying potential or real objects and landscapes. Nelson’s work is largely influenced by minimal and post-minimal art practices, early sound art, experimental music, reductive abstraction and monochrome painting, and is channeled through an interest in site-determined work.

Nelson studied electronic music and composition at Northeastern University in Boston (BS) and is currently completing a fine arts diploma in the department for Site-Specific Art at Angewandte, Vienna.

Selected recent/upcoming work:


March – September 2020 @ Xposit, Vienna. Sound installation for Katarina Scheucher’s We’ll double back, seesaw, and leave in tracks and traces

July 2020 @ Gallery 0:769 Ljubljana Slovenia. Sound installation in collaboration with Anna Likar as part of This too shall archive

August 2019 @ Transit (#3), Vienna. Sound installation January Object

April 2019 @ Small Form Sessions, Vienna.  Concert.

March 2019 @ Musa, Vienna. Sound installation for Katarina Scheucher’s In mimicry you are here

November 2018 @ Angewandte Essence 2018, Vienna. Sound installation Aviary

July 2018 @ Wasser-Wasser, Vienna. Dive In, a collaboration with Katarina Scheucher

March 2018 @ Paulusplatz 5, Vienna. Repetition Is A Form Of Change with Natalia Gurova and Anna Likar. video- https://vimeo.com/272204831

March 2018 @ Paulusplatz 5, Vienna. Untitled sound installation

Transmission works

Radiophrenia 2019, Glasgow. Non-Location #2

March 2018 Kunstradio Ö1, Vienna.  Moth/Studio Frankenstein


Miniatures CD/digital, Senufo Editions

First CD/digital, Pica Disc